Full Brush Set

Full Brush Set

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Specifically designed and curated to master flawless application that lasts all day. Crafted with soft synthetic bristles for superior product pickup and lay down. Comes with 15 brushes ( 6 Base Brushes, 8 Eyeshadow Brushes, 2 extra brushes for Brows & Lips)

Base Brushes

K4- Powder Brush

K5- Contour & Blush Brush

K6- Contour Brush

K7- Foundation Brush

K8- Concealer Brush

K20- Concealer or Lid Brush


Eyeshadow Brushes

K9- Crease & Blending Brush

K10- Crease Brush

K18- Crease Brush

K20- Concealer or Lid Brush

K21- Flat Lid Brush

K22- Crease Brush

K23- Crease Brush

K24- Crease & Blending Brush


Brows & Lip

K17- Lip Brush

K19- Eyebrow Brush


NOTE!! Before the first use, please wash the brushes under cold running water for 2 minutes & allow drying naturally in any ventilated area. This is to remove any chemical residue left from the manufacturing process.